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Guitar Division

Introducing Collage Music’s Guitar Division and its members.

Groups with guitar involve the guitar as an accompanying instrument, providing rhythm and harmony for other instruments, which could be flute, violin, cello, bass, or a combination of those.

While Collage Music started out in 2003 with just flute, violin, and cello, after a couple short years in the field we realized our clients wanted us to play more than just the classical repertoire we had at that time.

So we created a new type of instrumental ensemble: one that could easily solve a number of the challenges faced by the Strings Division.  Namely, amplification and adaptability.

The Guitar Groups excel at the following:

  • Easily switching styles of music from classical to vintage swing to contemporary
  • Amplifying the group – we can make as little or as much sound as needed to fill any space – even if we’re just a duo of two musicians
  • Incorporating vocals and saxophone
  • Special requests are easier for us so we can charge less for them
Note about flute/saxophone/vocals: In these groups the flute, saxophone, and vocals are all provided by the same musician (me, Susan Langenes).  I am happy to do any and all of those – whatever you prefer.  Usually, I use flute for classical and contemporary covers, and saxophone & vocals for swing/jazz. I’m also happy to sing a contemporary song or a spiritual song for your ceremony if you desire.

With our Guitar Division, you can have two, three, or four musicians.

Quartet (4 musicians)

  • A very colorful group with flute, violin, guitar, and bass as the instruments.  Saxophone and vocals can be incorporated for vintage swing/jazz styles (great for cocktail hour/reception!).
  • Price: $750 for the first hour, $280 each additional hour (includes amplification but not travel)

Trio (3 musicians) 

  • Option 1: flute, saxophone, and optional vocals plus guitar and bass –  our most popular group of all!
  • Option 2: violin, guitar, and bass
  • Price: $600 for the first hour, $210 each additional hour (includes amplification but not travel)

Duo (2 musicians)

  • Option 1: Flute, saxophone, and optional vocals plus guitar
  • Option 2: Violin plus guitar
  • Option 3: Cello plus guitar
  • Price: $450 for the first hour, $140 each additional hour (includes amplification but not travel)
In all our Guitar Groups, amplification is always included at no additional cost to you.  If access to electricity is not available, we can use battery-powered amplification.  Please let us know in advance if this will be the case!


  • Susan – our fearless leader who plays flute, saxophone and sings
  • Lauren – violin and viola diva
  • Eddie – swing fiddler extraordinaire
  • Skip – our founding cellist
  • Guy – cello virtuoso with *amazing* energy
  • David – our founding guitarist who wrote the book on versatility
  • Travis – six-string ingenue who we can’t get enough of
  • Bret – guitar virtuoso who will melt your ears