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Instrumental Options InfographicAt Collage Music we have two basic types of instrumental group (or ensemble): String Ensembles and Ensembles with Guitar.

  1. Strings or strings/flute (violin and flute are interchangeable for the most part)
  2. Groups with guitar as one of the instruments

What’s the difference?


String groups are based on the concept of the traditional string quartet, which consists of two violins, viola, and cello.  Our core group is flute, violin, viola, and cello.  Flute and violin are interchangeable.
Groups with guitar involve the guitar as an accompanying instrument, providing rhythm and harmony for other instruments, which could be flute, violin, cello, bass, or a combination of those.

Which is right for you? Read on…

String Groups:

  • More “traditional” and unified sound
  • LOTS of classical repertoire
  • Good contemporary repertoire
  • Don’t usually get amplified, so more instruments = more sound
  • Very little swing/jazz
  • No vocals (but we can accompany your vocalist; read here)
  • Special arrangements cost $100

Guitar Groups:

  • More “non-traditional” and colorful sound
  • Classical repertoire is mellow; used for prelude/ceremony only
  • Good contemporary repertoire
  • Always get amplified, so a few players can be as loud as needed
  • LOTS of vintage swing/jazz
  • Vocals optional at no additional cost (or we can accompany your vocalist)
  • Special arrangements cost $50

Compare by Listening:

(NOTE: these recordings were made at different times at different studios so sound quality will vary)