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Fill out this form to check availability for your date, and get a price quote!

Once we’ve received your email via the above form, we’ll contact you with a quote and we can proceed from there to confirm the booking.

Next steps, once we have confirmed:

  1. We will send you our contract via email or snail mail.
  2. Sign the contract, and make out a check for deposit of 50%.  Please make checks payable to House of Cards Music (NOT Collage Music).
  3. Mail the contract and check to our office.  Here’s the address:
Collage Music c/o The House of Cards Music
7819 SE Henry St.
Portland OR 97206

We will let you know by email once we have received your signed contract and deposit check.

Our Basic Requirements

  1. We require one armless chair per musician. If you’ll need us to set up in two (or more) locations throughout the event, it’s really helpful to have a set of chairs at each location, so we can make our transition more quickly.
  2. We require one 10-minute break after each hour (roughly) of service. Exception: we will NOT require a break between ceremony and cocktail hour.
  3. We need adequate shelter. While we enjoy playing outdoors, we cannot play in direct sun nor rain. The elements can damage our instruments irreversibly in a matter of minutes – string instruments especially. Most wedding venues and event rental services can provide a canopy or umbrella. Dense tree shade is usually sufficient.
  4. We require final payment no later than the date of performance. You may mail it to us in advance, or deliver it in person at the event.
  5. Access to a working electrical outlet within 25 feet is critical if we are to play amplified, unless we are using our battery-powered amp.  Our battery amp can amplify two instruments, or one instrument and one microphone.

Details, details…

Cancellation Policy: In the unfortunate event that a booking must be cancelled by you, the deposit amount is not refundable. If a contracted musician is ill or otherwise cannot play, we will employ a highly competent substitute from our preferred roster.  And if said contracted musician is someone who plays multiple instruments and we must use two substitute musicians, we will NOT charge you extra hiring the additional musician. Our complete cancellation policy is in the fine print on our contract; just let us know if you’d like to peruse it before booking.

Method of Payment: we accept cash, checks, money orders, and PayPal. Checks should be made out to The House of Cards Music. Please see this page for more specific info.