August 10, 2013 at Bridal Veil Lakes

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Ensemble: flute, violin, guitar, & cello quartet (Susan, Marya, Bret, and Jon) WITH a chorus of 10 (!) singers, friends of the bride and groom, who joined us for ceremony songs.

Prelude: baroque and romantic classical

1. Entrance of parents/grandparents: Air on the G String – Bach

2. Bridesmaids and flower girl: The First Time It Happens (a Muppets song; instrumental version)

3. (incidental music while singers get organized): Canon in D – Pachelbel

4. Entrance of bride: He’ll Make Me Happy (also Muppets); vocal version with a chorus of 10 singers

5. Ceremony interlude/special song (this was actually at the very end, immediately preceding the recessional): Life’s a Happy Song (also Muppets, also with a chorus of same 10 singers who ROCKED this)

6. Actual recessional: Life’s a Happy Song (again, instrumental version this time)

Note from Susan: You guys.  YOU GUYS. This was the hands-down Awesomest. Ceremony. Music. Ever.  Am I a theater music geek? Well, kind of, but not like hardcore or anything. I was just incredibly impressed with this, on a conceptual level, and I was really impressed with our clients and the singers and how it came together brilliantly, exactly as it needed to be.  But seriously, TEN singers?! Oh, my stars.  The sheer epicness of it – I will never forget it.  This couple really knew how to put together a program.  No wonder, as bride and groom are both actors!