September 8th at Abernethy Center

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Ensemble: flute/vocals/saxophone and guitar (Susan and David)

Formal Seating of Parents: Canon in D – Pachelbel
Processional of Attendants: In My Life – Beatles
Entrance of Bride: Clair de Lune – Debussy
Recessional: California Stars (vocal) – Wilco/Woody Guthrie

Cocktail hour: swing era standards, oldies, Beatles

August 9, 2013 at Gearhart Hotel, Gearhart OR

Ensemble: flute, violin, cello trio (Susan, Lauren, and Kristin)

Prelude – romantic classical

1. Entrance of Family, with lighting of candles: Canon in D – Pachelbel

2. Entrance of officiants, Groom & Groomsmen: Air on the G String – Bach

3. Entrance for Bridesmaids: Clair de Lune – Debussy

4. Bride’s entrance: Bridal Chorus – Wagner

5. Unity Candle & Communion: Nocturne Op. 9 No 2 – Chopin


6. Recessional: You Make My Dreams Come True – Hall & Oates

Cocktail hour: mostly 0ldies and contemporary rock & pop with an emphasis on Beatles 🙂

July 6, 2013 – Versailles Gardens

Ensemble: cello and guitar duo (Guy and Travis) for ceremony + cocktail hour

Prelude: swing jazz standards of musicians’ choice

1. Entrance of grandparents and parents: By Your Side – Sade
2. Processional of attendants: Heavenly Day – Patti Griffin
3. Entrance of bride: Clair de Lune – Debussy
4. Recessional: I Will – Beatles

Cocktail hour: swing jazz, Django-style!

May 4, 2013 – Skamania Lodge

Ensemble: flute, violin, viola, cello quartet (Susan, Elizabeth, Lauren, Guy)

Prelude: musicians’ choice of romantic classical

1. Processional for Parents and Attendants: The Girl With The Flaxen Hair – Debussy
2. Entrance of Bride: Rondeau – Mouret
3. Recessional: Here Comes The Sun – Beatles

Cocktail  hour: contemporary rock and pop covers!

April 21, 2013 – Fairgate Inn, Camas, WA

Ensemble: flute, violin, cello trio (Susan, Elizabeth, Skip)

Prelude: romantic classical

1. Processional for Parents and Attendants: Sinfonia from Xerxes – Handel
2. Entrance of Bride: Star Wars Theme – John Williams
3. Recessional: When I’m 64 – Beatles

Cocktail hour: contemporary rock and pop

October 6, 2012 – Historic Balch Hotel in Dufur

Ensemble: Flute/Saxophone/vocals, violin, & guitar trio (Susan, Eddie, Travis)

Prelude: Musicians’ choice of romantic classical

1. Entrance of Family: Jesu, joy of man’s desiring – Bach
2. Processional of Attendants: By Your Side, Sade
3. Entrance of the Bride: Canon in D – Pachelbel
4. Remembrance Song: In My Life – Beatles (w/vocal by Susan)
5. Tree planting: La Vie En Rose – Edith Piaf (instrumental)
6. Recessional: Viva la Vida – Coldplay

Cocktail hour: vintage swing with vocals and saxophone!

August 25, 2012 – West End Ballroom

Ensemble: violin and guitar duo

Prelude: Musicians’ choice of elegant classical

1. Processional of groom, parents, and attendants: Canon in D, Pachelbel
2. Bride’s entrance: Fix You, Coldplay
3. Musical interlude: Hymn: “House of God Forever” accompanying two Bridesmaids singing
4. Recessional: Viva la Vida, Coldplay

Cocktail hour: vintage swing and contemporary pop

August 12, 2012 – Ainsworth House, Oregon City

Ensemble: violin, guitar, cello trio

Prelude: musicians’ choice of classical and romantic

1. Parents’ formal seating piece: Spring from the Four Seasons – Vivaldi
2. Attendants’ processional piece:  Jesu, joy of man’s desiring – Bach
3. Bride’s entrance: Canon in D – Pachelbel
4. Musical interlude: In My Life – Beatles  (for Sand Ceremony)
5. Recessional: All You Need Is Love – Beatles

July 28, 2012 • Resort at the Mountain, Welches

Ensemble:  Violin + Guitar Duo (Justin M and Travis)

Prelude: musicians’ choice of pieces from our prelude collection

1. Processional of Parents & Attendants Jesu  – Bach
2. Entrance of the Bride: Canon in D – Pachelbel
3. Interlude (salt ceremony and greeting of family): O Mio Babbino Caro – Puccini
4. Second Interlude (song): “For You” – John Denver.  Sung by Sister of Groom, and accompanied by Collage.  We also provided sound (mic, mic stand, and PA).
5. Recessional: Two of Us – Beatles

October 22, 2011 • First Unitarian Church

Ensemble: Quartet of violin, viola, cello and guitar

Prelude music: a selection of contemporary songs including Kokomo, God Only Knows, Wouldn’t It Be Nice (Beach Boys), How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees), Can’t Help Falling In Love With You (Elvis), and Here Comes the Sun, When I’m 64, And I Love Her (Beatles)

1. Entrance of Honored Guests: All You Need Is Love – Beatles
2. Processional of Bridal Party: By Your Side – Sade
3. Entrance of Bride: Hysteric – the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
4. Recessional: Beautiful Day – U2

June 11, 2011 • Powell’s Books – Rare Book Room

Ensemble: Guitar & Cello Duo

Prelude: elegant romantic classical

1. Processional for family: “Storybook Love” – Mark Knopfler (theme from “The Princess Bride”)
2. Entrance of the bride: “Something” – George Harrison
3. Recessional: “Fly Me To The Moon” (jazz standard)

April 29, 2011 • Willamette Valley Vineyards

Ensemble: trio of flute, guitar & cello (Susan, David, & Skip)

Prelude: contemporary pop and rock covers (instrumental)

1. Processional for parents/attendants: “In My Life” – Beatles
2. Entrance of the bride: “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You”– Frankie Valli/Lauryn Hill
3. Recessional: “Beautiful Day” – U2

July 10, 2010 • Bridal Veil Lakes

Ensemble: Solo Cello (Kristin)

Prelude: Kristin’s choice of classical selections from her personal solo cello repertoire

1. Processional for everyone including the bride: “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” – Harold Arlen
2. Musical interlude during ceremony: An improvised pizzicato accompaniment (based on the chords for Schubert’s Ave Maria), played lightly underneath a reading from “The Velveteen Rabbit”
3. Recessional: “All You Need Is Love” – the Beatles

September 26, 2009 • The Oregon Garden

Ensemble: Collage Trio (flute, guitar, cello)

Processional for parents and attendants: “Something” – the Beatles

Entrance of the bride: “The Rainbow Connection” – Kermit
• Our guitarist Bret played banjo for this one.

Recessional: “Eight Miles Wide” – Storm Large

(Instrumental versions for all three songs)

March 13, 2009 • The Crown Ballroom

Ensemble: Quartet of flute + strings with Eric Stern, operatic tenor and pianist

Processional for parents: Air from Watermusic – Handel

Processional for attendants: Canon in D – Pachelbel

Entrance of the bride: Bridal Chorus – Wagner

Ceremony interlude song: “The Lord’s Prayer” – Alfred H. Malotte
Our tenor Eric sang this and played piano; the flute and strings accompanied him also.
As I recall the audience responded with unexpected applause!

Recessional: “All You Need Is Love” – Beatles
Again sung by Eric who played piano; with flute and strings accompanying also.