Holiday Music 2012

There’s nothing like live music to add elegance and charm to a seasonal event. We are available for your party!

  • Our usual group for holiday music is our Collage Trio using flute, guitar and cello.
  • We can also play as a duo with guitar and either flute or cello.

We think Mark Neiman-Ross’ review on Oregon Music News pretty much nails it. We’re definitely not trying to freak out Aunt Martha here:

A collection of standard carols you’ve heard in elevators nationwide, they are rendered instrumentally with flute, saxophone, guitar, banjo, guitar, cello and mandolin. Styles range from middle-age renaissance, traditional and a bit of latin. This isn’t challenging improvisational music – all very straightforward, recognizable renditions. You’ll be able to put this on during dinner without scaring Aunt Martha or disrupting conversations. Which may sound sarcastic, but trust me – when you need a soundtrack like this, you’re going to be REALLY glad you have this one in your collection.

Check out the entire album on YouTube!


You can purchase this CD as a physical disc or digital download from CDBaby, or get a physical disc directly from us, either at one of our public performances below, or email and he’ll send you a copy ($15).