Will you play outdoors?

Absolutely!  As long as our instruments are out of the elements.  The rule of thumb is you gotta treat ‘em like they’re made of sugar.  No precipitation and no direct sun.

The client bears responsibility for providing adequate shelter from rain and sun.  This is extremely important and must be addressed in advance.  Our instruments are our livelihood, and they stay in their cases unless adequate shelter is provided for them.

Extremes in temperature, the presence of insects, and strong winds are additional concerns for us when performing outdoors.  For the most part, these adversities are manageable, but they’ll cause our transitions between songs to take longer, and/or we’ll need to tune our instruments more often.  If it’s colder than about 65 degrees, we may have to play slower because our fingers don’t work as well.

The main thing is that when performing outdoors, it’s simply more difficult to produce a performance that is up to par with our professional standards.  We will always do our best, and we hope you can understand and bear with us as we valiantly battle the elements.  It’s worth it.

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