When do you take breaks? Can you play an iPod during breaks?

Typically, we require one 10-minute break after each hour of playing.

  • If we are playing for ceremony only, we require no break.
  • If we are playing for ceremony and cocktail hour, we require no break but we may need to relocate, which can take a while if we have to make multiple trips and negotiate around crowds.
  • If we are playing live music for your reception, we can coordinate breaks to coincide with toasts and/or other events to achieve a smooth flow of events; this may mean we play a longer or shorter set.

We are flexible about breaks but we also want to ensure that we are able to perform at our best at all times, and in order to do so, we do need to rest our ears, fingers, and minds.  Music performance is athletically and mentally demanding, and we need to be in top shape to give you our best show!

Recorded music on band breaks

If your selected group is using an amplifier or PA, we can plug in your music player or ours.  Please let us know ahead of time if you’d like us to do this so we make sure we have an appropriate playlist that fits your style.

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