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Equipment and Set-Up

Do you need a canopy outdoors?

We require full shade for our instruments; if shade from trees or buildings is inadequate, we’ll need you to provide some sort of canopy.  Also, our instruments cannot handle even the slightest precipitation, so it’s necessary to have a tent or canopy available if there’s a chance of rain.

How much space do you need?

Depends on how many of us there are, of course.  Here are general guidelines; exact dimensions will vary depending on the specific instruments:

4 musicians (a quartet) will need about 8′ x 8′.

3 musicians (a trio) will require about 8′ x 6′.

2 musicians (a duo) will require about 6′ x 4′.

A soloist will need about 4′ x 4′.

We will also have instrument cases and other items that are best stored out of sight, so a storeroom or other out-of-the way location for these things is advantageous.

Do you need a stage or platform?

Generally, no.  We need a level surface, since sitting at an angle can wreak havok on our backs and shoulders and tends to result in poor performances.  If we are to set up on a lawn that is dewy or has been watered recently, we may request an extra chair or two upon which to place some of our equipment to keep it dry.

Do I (or my DJ) need to provide a PA for you?

Normally, no.  All of our groups with guitar will bring unobtrusive amplification and take care of it themselves.  The only thing they’ll need is access to an electrical outlet within 25′ of their location.

String groups (without guitar) generally do not require amplification, except in certain rare instances where the space (or the crowd) is unusually large.  We are happy to work with your DJ or sound engineer, or, for a fee, we can bring our PA and amplify ourselves.  This must be determined at the time of booking!

Will you bring your own music stands? Chairs?

Music stands, yes.

Chairs, no.  We’ll need you to provide us with one armless chair per musician.  The chairs used for the ceremony are usually just perfect.

Can we use your microphone for toasts or for ceremony?

For toasts: Sure! Toast-makers are more than welcome to use our mic if we are playing during your reception.  We are happy to make announcements for you as well; you’ll need to provide us with a script or general idea and timeline.

For ceremony, we can bring a regular wired mic and mic stand, so if that’s all you need, great!  We will charge a $50 fee for bringing and setting up an extra amplifier or PA (we won’t be able to use the same one we’re using for ourselves).  Contact us to discuss.