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How early do we need to book musicians?

The sooner the better – some couples book us a year or more in advance.  Availability can get dicey on popular summer weekend dates especially.  We do have enough musicians to easily handle multiple bookings on a single day, but sometimes we run out of specific instruments.

If you’re cutting it close (less than 3 months in advance), then we may not be able to supply the exact instrumentation you’re after, so it’s a good idea to remain open to more than one option for your instrumental combination.

What are your payment options? Can I pay with a credit card?

At the moment, we accept cash, checks, and money orders, and for an additional 3% fee, we can create a PayPal invoice if you’d like to pay with a credit card via PayPal.

A 50% deposit is due at the time of booking, and the remainder is due one week before the event date.

Note: as of 6/21/2013, our booking and payment will be handled by Jen Bernard of The House of Cards Booking Collective. Please read carefully below:

If you booked your musicians BEFORE 6/21/2013, your payment will be handled by Susan Langenes and checks should be made payable to Susan Langenes (NOT Collage Music).

If you booked your musicians AFTER 6/21/2013, your payment will be handled by Jen Bernard of The House of Cards, and checks must be made payable to The House of Cards Music (NOT Collage Music).